Monday, June 11, 2012


I went in to tell Toby it was time for bed last night, only to discover him scratching his head furiously. No! I thought we were past all that!  Even though it was 9.30 and he was tired, I found the dreaded fine tooth comb, poured half a bottle of conditioner on his hair and pulled all those pests out. Then I changed his sheets and ours - he was sitting on our bed when I found him!

Bethany was found to be similarly infested (they are arguing about who was the originator) so we went through it again first thing in the morning. Then Andrew went and bought some appropriate solution to kill whatever might be still clinging on. Aaaaand, repeat in seven and fourteen days.

Now, I have finished marking for the day (still have five to go, but handed back the 18 that were submitted on time), I have made lunches and dinner for tomorrow, put uniforms out and worked out what I am going to wear because I am being picked up at 5.30 tomorrow morning. I'm off to Sydney for rugame (State Library gaming and libraries seminar). I'm awfully glad because I am almost out of Earl Grey and we don't have a T2 in Wagga.


  1. They always come at THE most inconvenient time! In fact, thats any time really. At least they didn't end up in your hair...although maybe you are quite safe with short hair:)

  2. Oh no! Hope you've got rid of th all, and Jossie didn't get them..

  3. you are such a busy lady! your nits photo is so cute but sad at the same time. have a lovely weekend!