Friday, June 1, 2012

It's a miracle!

Milo walked into a pole the other day while we were out walking. I had been deluding myself about his ability to see through his wooly coat. I realise that if I can't see his eyes, he probably can't see very well.

It's so cold so I didn't want him to be shorn. His thick, wooly coat cannot be trimmed, it's either all off or nothing. So I just asked for his eyes to be rescued.

The hairdo gives him such a mournful expression!


  1. he walked into a pole? that's kind of cute :) he does look really different now that you can see his eyes. I was hoping to bump into him when we were walking dogs for our friends round central the other night!

  2. Definitely not his usual superabounding self! But he does look very wise.