Friday, June 22, 2012

I heart cake

Little girls are not known for having the most sophisticated taste. I am making a birthday cake for a friend's daughter and she requested a heart shaped marble cake, half with pink icing, half purple, a sprinkle rainbow in the middle and silver cachous everywhere else. Too much? Silver cachous have a tendency to shed their silver if left in icing for long so I'll ice it tomorrow. For tonight, I content myself with making the huge, pink, blue and yellow cake.

Jossie and I had fun yesterday walking from our house to the optometrist to get our eyes tested. Many unattractive selfies were taken. I have had my red and black glasses for three years now. One of my eyes is becoming less short sighted but the astigmatism in the other is getting worse. So, new glasses for me! My last pair of glasses was red too, what will I wear now?

You'll have to wait to find out because they aren't ready yet.