Saturday, June 30, 2012


This morning posed a bit of a challenge. Andrew was due at the convention to rehearse the music from twenty past eight, so no sleep in. We do so enjoy a Saturday morning sleep in (your time will come Janice!). I drove Andrew to the school and in the fifteen minutes I was gone, Bethany managed to spill around 1 litre of milk all over the kitchen - amazing splatter! I cleaned that up and Toby and I drove to Junee for soccer, half an hour away - thankfully a friend was able to pick Bethany up and taker her to her game.

I really enjoyed the drive with Toby, the countryside is lovely and the sun was out. Toby scored two goals in the first five minutes but that was the end of their good fortune for that half. The other side scored four goals. In the second half Toby was goalie and he made some awesome saves and only let one really high ball in. So, they lost, but it was fun and I texted Kristy, who lives in Old Junee, even if I couldn't go and see her. I did see her Simon and Jack as they were there for soccer too!

In the afternoon we went to see Sonya's exhibition. It's a fabulous collection of images where people hold up an old photo and match it up with the same building/place/person now. The kids can only muster so much enthusiasm for such things so we also had a look at the beekeeping exhibition. Bethany did look cute as an apiarist but then she, Joss and Tobes fought over the honeycomb hideyhole. Combined with the scary fact that Bethany was 10 pounds 7 (how did we get on to that?), Sonya will be well and truly put off children!

When's your birthday Sonya? I'll make you a rainbow cake, any flavour you like :)

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  1. goodness me you pack a lot into a day! I hope milo got a walk before it started raining. and thank you for the cake offer - I feel a bit sheepish now! I'll get to work on my cake diagram ;)