Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Middle School's got talent

We're home late from school tonight because Toby had an evening event - Middle School's Got Talent. It wasn't a talent quest, there were no winners. The MPC (multi-purpose centre) was decorated with students' artwork, trophies and anything else they are proud of. Some kids played an instrument, some sang, one did standup comedy (!) and there were quite a few dramas/skits.

One major drama was the fact that they never sorted the sound out! I think a little too much responsibility was given to the students and not enough supervision because we heard very little dialogue and some poor singers and dancers had to stand, nervously waiting while their music was found.

Toby and some of his classmates performed a little play that was written for an assignment they did on China. Toby was very nervous and wouldn't stand still for a photo. Calvin was cool.

I let Bethany have the camera for a while and I think Hannah took this photo of her. They were totally engaged with what was happening on stage, obviously.

Toby's character was called Chucky Chan and he had sooo many lines. He remembered them all and did a wonderful job. He is a perfectionist, though (didn't get that from me) and wasn't pleased with his performance.

Bethany had the camera at this stage as I was filming it on my phone for Andrew who is in Sydney.

Nelly acted as well and was very professional. Not only did she project her voice but her moustache was perfect.

I'm not sure a late night was exactly what we were after at this stage of the week, but what can you do? Toby and Bethany have three weeks of holidays, starting next week, so they can catch up then. I'm having one and a half weeks off and we're going to Melbourne! We'll see the Ks, we'll see the twins, we'll see the people who live with the twins! (Poor P, K and C, it's hard to outshine two year old twins ;).

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  1. Wish I'd been there! I bet Toby was great.