Wednesday, June 27, 2012

New face

Having had the same, red and black, almost like a superhero mask from The Incredibles, glasses for the last three years, my new green and black glasses make me feel like I have a new face.

Silly really, seeing as lots of people don't even notice.


  1. Amy! They're great! You look fabulous xxxxx MUM

  2. I got the colour half right! Looks good.

  3. I had a hunch they would be either green or purple! They look great :-)

  4. I'm impressed with:
    1. being able to take your own side-on photo
    2. the cute little hand towel in the background and
    3. your new glasses, they look good. Glasses are a big deal as they are a permanent fashion accessory much like the wedding and engagement rings - important to get right! (But not eternally important!!)
    Susan R.