Saturday, March 28, 2015

Soccer time

Tennis and track season are over so now we move into road season and soccer! Bethany and Toby both have new boots and played their first game on Saturday at 10.30. 

Bethany is in different colours this year as she swapped clubs. She has played against a team of school friends lots of times and always wished to be in their team. This year we made it happen and she was on the winning team on Saturday! Her last team was lots of fun, and she didn't mind that they never won, but it was great to play with her school friends and taste actual victory. My favourite part of the deal is that training is held at her school. All I need to do is pick her up, score!

The wedding was great, the cake was delivered safely and the reception was encouraging, funny and a bit teary. Below is the view from our table.

A great weekend, but I am expected even better from next weekend, in Katoomba.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wedding cake

I have made cakes for weddings a couple of times, always fruit cake, and only once have I made the cakes and decorated them. For Greg and Evie's (real name Evangeline, how I love it!) wedding, I made and decorated mud cake.

I took a day off to do it, but made the biggest cake the night before. It took nearly four hours to cook! I trimmed the top and Joss and Tobes enjoyed before school dessert.

When you make fruit cakes, there can be weeks between the making and the decorating. I had to wait for the top layers to cool when the bottom layer was finished.

It was a relief to get it delivered. I wish I had put it on a scale, it was so heavy!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Still going

It's been a great term, but I confess that I am looking forward to the holidays. Last week was Seniors' Week and I gave three presentations, one in Wagga, one in Coolamon and one at the State Library. I went to a Readers' Advisory seminar and the theme was sci-fi, hence I was reading A Clockwork Orange. 

Bethany danced at the school open day and afterwards showed me how to play this Indonesian game. She beat me.

I had one more presentation this week, and a last one next week and then, the holidays! Oh, and soccer starts this week, too......

Saturday, March 14, 2015


Joss and Toby took up tennis last October; they started lessons and formed a team with two brothers the same age, also new to the sport.

They spent a lot of the season at the bottom of the table, but as they improved they crept up. Cycling events and then her job took Joss out, and she was the least enthusiastic player of the four, but she still got a medal when the boys came runners up in the grand final yesterday, losing by only three games!

I suprised myself with this skill.

It was a very warm day yesterday, but I know summer has turned its back because it is dark and cold in the mornings. One of my pear trees is getting autumnal, with a single red leaf.

Joss and Toby both went to friends' houses for the afternoon and the night, so Andrew, Bethany and I picked up some pizza and went to the Botanical Gardens. Such a lovely Saturday.