Thursday, May 30, 2013

An evening in the life of....

The award Bethany was holding in the last post was the one handed out at the end of her soccer game. It entitles her to a free mini wrap, bag of cut up apple (what chemicals must be required for that?!) or bottle of juice. None of those things sound very exciting to me, but she is very keen to go. I'll get a coffee.
This is what the kids are up to this evening while Andrew is at a gig and I am making school lunches, looking forward to getting back to my book - after a bit more unpacking.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


I have been wearing my Charlotte Bronte (I don't think I have any reasonable way of adding the accent using Blogger on my phone) brooch a lot. Nobody has known who she was without me telling them. Sandy, our church minister, has been the closest. He asked if it was Emily Bronte. I am very impressed that he guessed a Bronte sister, but did I show it? No, I gave him a spirited talking to - Emily Bronte? As if! Charlotte is so far superior, as Jane Eyre is to Cathy, not even mentioning the hideous Heathcliff. Still, it was pretty close and I am impressed. If you are going to get it so close but not quite, at least guess Anne rather than Emily!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I flew to Sydney today. I didn't get out of the plane, we just flew around above the city, well, above an invisible area I imagine was the city, attempted landing once then flew back to Wagga. I then spent an hour in the queue just to tell them there was no point in my catching another flight as I would arrive at the end of what I was going up for! It was was quite ridiculous to be denied because of fog in Sydney, when Wagga is usually foggy but clear as a bell this morning. I felt very bad for other passengers. No money of my own was involved and I just read my book for three and a half hours! The poor girl next to me only had a Cosmopolitan magazine. I almost offered her my spare book but she didn't seem the type to enjoy a book about cricket and suffragettes.
We still don't have any Internet beyond that on our phones. We are not impressed with Telstra who will not give anyone else access to the infrastructure. We have the NBN in our street, but only the most expensive provider can access it. I shall just have to blog from my phone.
Did you watch Eurovision? We enjoyed it very much and, in fact, are still enjoying it. We bought the album and the kids and I ask each other which song we have playing in our heads. Joss and Toby loved Azerbaijan the best, Bethany loved Estonia and I just can't go past Romania. If you haven't seen Cezar's performance, you should watch it on You Tube. We all love to sing along to Sweden's entry, which didn't do nearly as well as it ought.
We are continuing to settle in, unpack and make progress. I had people from work and book club over last Wednesday night, for a farewell for Jess and had my first card making night since the move. Life is getting back to normal; a better normal.
I am getting used to running in a hilly suburb and in near freezing temperatures. The long streets of slight incline are very hard to run up! They make me think about quitting a lot, but the views are spectacular.

Friday, May 17, 2013


Oh dear, I am quite out of the habit of blogging. Part of the problem is that we have no Internet other than that on our phones, but the biggest thing would be winter sport. Two children doing cycling, one doing hip hop (not a sport, but still something to be driven to and from), one doing netball and two doing soccer, means that we are forever driving people to training, games or races.

The house is great. I sit at the big bench in the morning, drinking tea. My back is to the view but I can still see it in the splash back. The sunshiny view here lifts the spirits.

When I run I look down, rather than up at the sunrise. I can watch the fog far below as I run in clear, crisp (read freezing) air.

Look what Kristy gave me for my birthday! For those not in the know, it's Charlotte Brontë, author of my beloved Jane Eyre. I have worn it every day.

Friday, May 10, 2013


Even when packing, some things cannot be tolerated. I walked past the box twice before I needed to get the texta. If coffee knives exist, I don't own any and there certainly weren't any in that box.

Monday, May 6, 2013


Moving is not the most fun you can have. I am fairly keen not to do it ever again, but I am so glad that we did it! I thought about the fact that, had we bought rather than built a new house, we'd have been in it for a year, having moved only once. Even in the throes of moving madness, I'd not have swapped. I love our new house! It feels all the better for having been so long coming.
There is nothing but dirt surrounding the house, the landscaping is yet to begin, and we are waiting for a few finishing touches here and there, but it feels so good to sleep here and drive over the bridge to lovely Estella.
I don't have any brilliant photos, just a few phone photos taken over the last few manic days. More to come as things come together.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Presents

I have had a lovely birthday. Presents in bed, lunch with Andrew at Cache and lots of phone calls. The packing is almost finished, which is good because the removalists are coming at 7am!

Tomorrow night we will be sleeping here.
And I will make tea with my new kettle!