Tuesday, May 28, 2013


I flew to Sydney today. I didn't get out of the plane, we just flew around above the city, well, above an invisible area I imagine was the city, attempted landing once then flew back to Wagga. I then spent an hour in the queue just to tell them there was no point in my catching another flight as I would arrive at the end of what I was going up for! It was was quite ridiculous to be denied because of fog in Sydney, when Wagga is usually foggy but clear as a bell this morning. I felt very bad for other passengers. No money of my own was involved and I just read my book for three and a half hours! The poor girl next to me only had a Cosmopolitan magazine. I almost offered her my spare book but she didn't seem the type to enjoy a book about cricket and suffragettes.
We still don't have any Internet beyond that on our phones. We are not impressed with Telstra who will not give anyone else access to the infrastructure. We have the NBN in our street, but only the most expensive provider can access it. I shall just have to blog from my phone.
Did you watch Eurovision? We enjoyed it very much and, in fact, are still enjoying it. We bought the album and the kids and I ask each other which song we have playing in our heads. Joss and Toby loved Azerbaijan the best, Bethany loved Estonia and I just can't go past Romania. If you haven't seen Cezar's performance, you should watch it on You Tube. We all love to sing along to Sweden's entry, which didn't do nearly as well as it ought.
We are continuing to settle in, unpack and make progress. I had people from work and book club over last Wednesday night, for a farewell for Jess and had my first card making night since the move. Life is getting back to normal; a better normal.
I am getting used to running in a hilly suburb and in near freezing temperatures. The long streets of slight incline are very hard to run up! They make me think about quitting a lot, but the views are spectacular.


  1. I thought you hadn't blogged in awhile. sorry to hear about the non-sydney trip! I get so scared in those little planes!

  2. How nice to have a blog from you! I hope you get Telstra on side soon... ! Fog shut Sydney airport again this morning, and it's pretty bad here as well. I can't go past Romania, but mostly for the vision....

  3. PS, I'm assuming you WILL get internet at some stage?

  4. Nice to have you back in Bloggerspere. What was Bethy's award and what was it for?