Friday, October 31, 2014


Our culture is changing. I have never been trick or treating before. Not taking Joss or Toby has never been an issue, we have only ever had a handful of trick or treaters to our door, but the popularity of Hallowe'en, at least in our area, is growing. 

Bethany had to talking to a friend on the bus and they hatched a plan to go together. I was disinclined, I would have to say, but I was worn down. We organised to meet at her bus stop at 6.15 and when she arrived, she had a whole group. Three little boys dressed in their regular sort of costumes - a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle, a pirate and something with a mask, and two actual teenagers, dressed in their onesies , as chaperones. They even put their dog in a costume (he was a reindeer. He kept lifting his leg on his owner's onesie!).

I hope our culture continues to absorb aspects of those who come to live here, not just what is seen on TV. I think that Thanksgiving would be a nicer celebration to latch onto than Hallowe'en, the point is much clearer and involves savoury, as well as sweet food (except when marshmallows are put on the savoury food. What on earth?!) I like that Australia is growing and changing and I can let go of old prejudices and just enjoy the fun.

Not every house was prepared, but plenty were, and we saw lots of other groups of kids and parents. We made new friends, sticky beaked in a lot of front doors and smiled and chatted with lots of people we don't know in our neighbourhood. I am, quite seriously, considering a street party at Christmas time.

So, many, lollies. 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014


Bible study is usually at my house, but this week it was at the Scotts' and they also live in Estella, so I walked. 7.30 is a lovely time for a walk!

Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer time

It's unseasonably hot! I took Friday off to go to the Children's Medical Research Institute Christmas Fair. It went pretty well, I sold a lot of stuff, but it was uncomfortably hot. Last year I wore a coat! This year I had to ask for a shot of coffee with cold milk.

Bethany went to Charis' for a sleep over in case I was at the market and couldn't get her to the Botanical Garden on Saturday morning to sing with the choir. In the end, after having both stayed all day Friday, Megan and I did half of Saturday each and I could go and hear Bethany sing.

They squeezed into the shade of a tree and sang beautifully. I then had to drop her at another friend's for a swim. Such a hectic social life.

This afternoon and evening she has gone with Andrew to his gig at a local winery, and I had champagne and coffee in the lush garden of some work colleagues. A fun weekend, and now Joss and Tobes need to start studying in earnest for their exams. The end of the school year is in sight! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014


Usually I walk and run in the dark, waiting until most kids are in bed. Last night, however, just before the sun disappeared, Milo and I went for a wander. Across the road from us is a paddock and as we approached the fence, our friendly neighbours came over to see us.

They didn't really chat, though Milo and I both said hello, but they were all in a row, just looking at us. They all but one had white faces. Stepford cows......

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A visit

Cairns is a really, really long way away. When your Dad lives there, visiting is not easy. It took four days of driving, and Dad, or Granddad Will, arrived on Saturday afternoon.

There was music, laughter and catching up.

I didn't know the toes were involved....

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunny, sneezy days

When you want to write about your life, sometimes it can seem very boring. We have been busy, as usual, but nothing worth writing about! I did do something out of the ordinary on Wednesday, though, I had a day on the mobile library.

When Rob goes away, he has to be replaced by two people, that's how special he is. Not everyone who works at a library can drive a semi trailer. So, we get a driver and the rest of us at HQ take turns doing the library stuff.

It was a long day, almost ten hours and we didn't even go far, but it's great driving books, DVDs and computers around the countryside. Wayne, the friendly driver who called me Aim, tried to convince me I could be taught to drive it.  I moved to the country so that I would never have to reverse Carolla. He had to reverse the truck around a corner and into the shed, where it only just fits in the door!

I hopped off the truck and went straight to school for the junior school talent showcase. So many children participate in the eisteddfod, so they put on an evening for them to perform for parents and teachers. Bethany performed with the choir, the dance group and she did her poem with Charis. I sat with my friend Narelle and the whole experience was actually rather good and finished on time. I know I have a poor attitude towards school events like this, it comes from having a full schedule, I tend to resent extras......

Bethany got a second at the Wagga Show.

I also spent an evening at Joss and Toby's school, at a study seminar for parents. Exams are coming. So is my Dad, all the way from Cairns, a four day drive. He's arriving today! 

Sunday, October 5, 2014


What a weekend! Last night Bethany had a sleepover with the three girls from down the road. The daylight saving hour losing business worked against us as Andrew, Joss and Toby went to bed early to be ready for a big ride this morning, and four girls in one room would not go to sleep! We won't be doing that again in a hurry.

We were up early because of the ride and the house full of giggling girls, the cyclists got off on time and I had just offloaded the extra three and Bethany and I were ready for church when we heard about the pile up. Joss, Tobes and Andrew all off their bikes.

Joss lost a fair bit of skin while Andrew and Tobes had sore wrists/arms. They tried to ignore them for a few hours but eventually went to emergency and discovered that Toby broke his arm and Andrew, his wrist. Awesome!

I'm so glad it's a long weekend!