Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Sunny, sneezy days

When you want to write about your life, sometimes it can seem very boring. We have been busy, as usual, but nothing worth writing about! I did do something out of the ordinary on Wednesday, though, I had a day on the mobile library.

When Rob goes away, he has to be replaced by two people, that's how special he is. Not everyone who works at a library can drive a semi trailer. So, we get a driver and the rest of us at HQ take turns doing the library stuff.

It was a long day, almost ten hours and we didn't even go far, but it's great driving books, DVDs and computers around the countryside. Wayne, the friendly driver who called me Aim, tried to convince me I could be taught to drive it.  I moved to the country so that I would never have to reverse Carolla. He had to reverse the truck around a corner and into the shed, where it only just fits in the door!

I hopped off the truck and went straight to school for the junior school talent showcase. So many children participate in the eisteddfod, so they put on an evening for them to perform for parents and teachers. Bethany performed with the choir, the dance group and she did her poem with Charis. I sat with my friend Narelle and the whole experience was actually rather good and finished on time. I know I have a poor attitude towards school events like this, it comes from having a full schedule, I tend to resent extras......

Bethany got a second at the Wagga Show.

I also spent an evening at Joss and Toby's school, at a study seminar for parents. Exams are coming. So is my Dad, all the way from Cairns, a four day drive. He's arriving today! 


  1. Your life is never boring to us! We love to hear/see everything.... Have fun with Dad, post some pics!

  2. PS, and Well Done to Bethany!