Friday, October 31, 2014


Our culture is changing. I have never been trick or treating before. Not taking Joss or Toby has never been an issue, we have only ever had a handful of trick or treaters to our door, but the popularity of Hallowe'en, at least in our area, is growing. 

Bethany had to talking to a friend on the bus and they hatched a plan to go together. I was disinclined, I would have to say, but I was worn down. We organised to meet at her bus stop at 6.15 and when she arrived, she had a whole group. Three little boys dressed in their regular sort of costumes - a Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtle, a pirate and something with a mask, and two actual teenagers, dressed in their onesies , as chaperones. They even put their dog in a costume (he was a reindeer. He kept lifting his leg on his owner's onesie!).

I hope our culture continues to absorb aspects of those who come to live here, not just what is seen on TV. I think that Thanksgiving would be a nicer celebration to latch onto than Hallowe'en, the point is much clearer and involves savoury, as well as sweet food (except when marshmallows are put on the savoury food. What on earth?!) I like that Australia is growing and changing and I can let go of old prejudices and just enjoy the fun.

Not every house was prepared, but plenty were, and we saw lots of other groups of kids and parents. We made new friends, sticky beaked in a lot of front doors and smiled and chatted with lots of people we don't know in our neighbourhood. I am, quite seriously, considering a street party at Christmas time.

So, many, lollies. 


  1. Far more progressive than I! I still can't handle the growing trend towards Halloween here in Australia...

  2. Sounds and looks like fun! Nice haul, Bethy!