Thursday, October 27, 2011

Loving the Eighties

I had this song on a compilation album, the name of which I can't remember. I did like it a lot.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Blue Skies

There's no denying it, summer is on it's way. It isn't my favourite time of year but it is very nice being able to get washing dry quickly. I'm so good at finding the silver lining.

I took these photos yesterday on my way back to the library from School for Seniors where I gave a talk. This group of older men and women loved having a play with my e-readers and Daisy player. I'm sure they all rushed to the Apple shop on the way home to pick up an iPad.

What I'm reading: The Churchills by Mary S Lovell. She wrote the fabulous biography of the Mitford girls that I read a couple of years ago. She isn't exactly branching out here as the Mitfords were cousins of the Churchills but she doesn't need to mix it up because I love reading about this era (these eras, really) and find the wacky British aristocracy fascinating. I read Pat Barker's Life Class, set during WWII. I didn't enjoy it as much as her Regeneration Trilogy, largely because it wasn't as long so was over too quickly.
For book club we read Jamie Ford's Hotel on the corner of Bitter and Sweet which I am sorry to say, we none of us liked terribly much. I quite like the title but found the book overwhelmingly underwhelming. Now we are reading Alain de Botton's How Proust can change your life which I read a couple of years ago and chose for the book club. At the end of year party last year, club members said they didn't like it! I said that there was no hope for them, it's a wonderful book, but I am very keen to see if I will love it as much now and what my own club members will think.
What I am watching: Apart from a little An Idiot Abroad before falling asleep, I have forsaken the television for books, card making and, for the moment, assignment marking. Procrastinating (I thought I had grown out of that) is also taking up time. I will finish these assignments by Monday and get back to the fun stuff!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Friday, October 14, 2011


My Dad is blogging! Technically, he's blogging again, here, and I for one hope he keeps it up!

There's also a house and vineyard for sale. These steps could be yours! See it here.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Poor Milo

It had to be done. I realise that he is looking down in this photo, but looking up made little difference.

He was a big ball of wool.

Later that afternoon......

He's getting lots of cuddles because he looks so miserable (and roughly half the size)!

Loving the Eighties

Sunday, October 9, 2011

The end of the holidays

I can't say that I have spent this holidays lazing about but I can certainly say that I have had fun. Spending time with family is great, even if it means that our house feels like it's bursting at the seams!

My working week was seriously shortened as my long Monday was a public holiday and Friday was my council's picnic day, so I only worked on Tuesday and Wednesday! Mum did a great job looking after he children, she even sat through the Smurfs movie.

Dad, Tim, Shona, Pumpkin and Gumnut arrived on Thursday evening so, after coffee at Cache and a little shopping, Mum and I spent the day cooking and changing sheets. Bethany was very pleased with her babycino even though she really wants an 'adultcino'.

On Friday we drove out to Junee (luckily I don't tire of the licorice and chocolate factory) and as we arrived a group of vintage cars pulled out. Mum and Bethany were talking about how old they were when Bethany encouraged Mum with the comment that while she was old, at least she was in the New Testament. For the rest of the stay we referred to the age of anything by which testament it must belong to.

We all love having cousins around and my three played so well with Pumpkin and Gumnut.

It wasn't only the Wagga children, either. Uncle Andrew was a big hit.

Now, the house is quiet and full of clean but not folded washing. Back to school tomorrow. At least Bethany is excited about that. We need to plan for Christmas when we will be together again with  the addition of the Melbourne crew. We definitely can't fit another five people in this house, does anyone need a housesitter over Christmas?!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Around the Lake

Mum's here and we're having a lovely time. We walked right around Lake Albert on Monday (yay for public holidays!) while the children rode with Andrew.

Of course the riders beat us around which suited us very well as they had fish and chips ready for us.

Spring is Wagga is so lovely, shame it doesn't last....