Friday, July 10, 2015


Toby and Joss go back to school today after two fun filled weeks of holidays. Getting them up this morning was quite a task. Bethany has this week off as well, so we'll have another adjustment next week!

The very first Saturday of the holidays, our Leura cousins arrived to stay. It was like an Easter Convention reunion, with more free time. Bethany and Huw spent hours playing together and we marvelled at how much they enjoyed each other's company until Huw "stabbed Bethany in the heart" by saying he liked Toby better. It's hard to compete with a thirteen year old boy for the affections of a seven year old.

Andrew and I were still working, but we enjoyed evenings and afternoons, games, movies and meals. On the last afternoon I met everyone at the bowling alley after work and joined in for their second game. My first three woeful turns had me doubting past success, but then my game kicked in and I got 129! Bethany says I look like I'm hurting myself when I bowl - it may not be pretty, but it works!

We said goodbye to the cousins, looking forward to seeing them again next Easter, and then Le Tour de France started! Shep came over for the first night, and Steve joined us too, so it was a bit of a party. I don't think the individual time trial is the best way to start, but we have been loving the late nights, beautiful scenery and French cooking. It is totally worth the weariness.

Mum and Dad arrived last Monday and we had a lovely week with them. We celebrated Bethany's birthday on Wednesday, and she had the best day. I was working, but had coffee wirh them at Trail St in the morning, and lunch at the new sushi train - so good! Bethany's birthday dinner requests were macaroni cheese and chocolate ripple cake. She has a mother who can make any cake or dessert she could want, and she went for a packet of biscuits with cream!

I left work early on Friday so we could go out to Coolamon as I knew Mum would love Ajanta. On Saturday morning the farmers' markets were a bit of a wash out, but we did get coffee and a bacon and egg roll before soccer. On Sunday night, Mum and I went to the movies.

We saw Far From the Madding Crowd and I loved it. I haven't read the book (Mum has, so she was a bit more reserved in her feelings for the film) so now I have the pleasure of reading it and discovering so much more to the story. One thing that upset us both, was the trailer for Madame Bovery. We had been talking about it before we went into the cinema, wondering whether they would put on French accents (it is a French book, set in France). Horror of horrors, we discovered that they have gone for American accents! Thankfully the beautiful film that followed restored our good humour and we got home just in time for the Tour to start.

We said goodbye to Mum and Dad yesterday morning, and now Andrew and I are taking a couple of days off each to mind Bethany over this final week.

Tomorrow, our little girl turns sixteen.....

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Almost twenty years

It was our anniversary last week. We have been married for nineteen years. We aren't ones for making a fuss over anniversaries; we don't give presents to each other. We did go out for dinner, though, to The Oak Room. I had salmon with sticky black rice and Andrew had the mixed grill with the best chips I have ever tasted. He shared because he loves me and I only ate a few because I love him. Sweet marriage.