Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The beginning of the end

On Wednesday night Bethany had her end of year drama event, an evening of theatre sports. I'll confess that my expectations were low, probably because improvisation on the part of children is always a little painful, and also because last year I hadn't realised it would go so long and hadn't had dinner. I wasn't hangry this year, so it was pretty good; Bethany did really well and when the teacher asked for parent volunteers, at Bethany's insistence, I allowed myself to be chosen. It wasn't a nightmare, but I will expect brownie points.

When it was all over Bethany informed me that she had been dizzy and feeling sick all evening. She ended up staying home for two days, poor poppet, but finally had a good night's sleep last night and is, hopefully, on the up.

Tonight is my work Christmas party, we have a Christmas dinner with friends on Monday and Andrew's parents arrive on Tuesday to stay for a week. There will be two school presentation nights and a piano concert for them to attend, and after we say goodbye, there will only be one day until the end of term! Yikes....

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Switch 2015

I'm back after this year's NSW Public libraries conference in Sydney. There were lots of great speakers and I am bursting with new ideas. The Australian Technology Park is a great venue, though quite expensive to get to (it costs $8 to get a return ticket from Central to Redfern - that's one stop!) and they had coffee carts with free coffee. Yes, I had three each day!

There is always a theme to the conference dinner, and while I was resistant initially, I managed to borrow an outfit and muster enough enthusiasm to fit in. This is the management team of the Riverina Regional Library and the director of Environment and Community Services at Wagga City Council!

The dinner was held at the Australian National Maritime Museum, which is a reasonably spectacular venue at Darling Harbour. There were fifteen of us from RRL, as we brought two councillors from Wagga City Council, librarians from Gundagai, Bland and Cootamundra and a director and councillor from Bland. We won best dressed team and received a bottle of wine as a prize - one sip each?

On our free evening, a few of us went to Grill'd for dinner and then went to see The Dressmaker. I read the book years ago, it's one of our book club books, and I think they have done a brilliant job. It's funny, sad and a bit dark, with gorgeous costumes and scenery. The only slightly jarring thing was that Kate Winslet, beautiful and looking much younger than her years, still looked significantly older than the two actors playing her contemporaries. Other than that, totally fabulous.

We drove home yesterday, through a heatwave. At one stage, the highway was closed just behind us because of a fire. It was perfect fire weather, boiling hot and blowing a gale. It's still windy but beautifully cool today, happy weekend!

Thursday, November 12, 2015


Our garden yields! We eat rhubarb, baby spinach, silverbeet and spring onions. I have cut roses in my kitchen. It will take years until our garden fills and looks established, but we do enjoy its progress.

Here's more progress for you. Those coloured lights in the distance? Christmas lights in my street. You may as well get as much happiness as possible from the anticipation, I suppose.

I'm off to Sydney for the public libraries conference tomorrow. Librarians on a road trip!

Saturday, November 7, 2015


I had a lovely lunch with work friends on Saturday. The garden was almost inspiring. Almost, because I'm not sure I'll ever fully catch the gardening bug, but I do really like being in a lush garden.

Bethany had three events on Saturday. One morning birthday party at the Botanic Gardens, where she received the best face painting ever, an afternoon with Archie and Mackenzie who took her to another birthday party at the Botanic Gardens, and then an evening of bush dancing at Downside! She got home at ten to twelve (Andrew and I were rather beside ourselves as we hadn't expected her to be so late, and , typically for a third child, hadn't asked for a phone number)!

Andrew and Joss are off to Melbourne for track cycling this weekend. Matthew Keenan is going to be there, commentating, which I find extremely exciting (Tour de France fangirling!) Toby has a bye for tennis, I don't have to drop Joss at work, it sounds like a proper sleeping in occasion for me, Tobes and Bethany.