Saturday, November 7, 2015


I had a lovely lunch with work friends on Saturday. The garden was almost inspiring. Almost, because I'm not sure I'll ever fully catch the gardening bug, but I do really like being in a lush garden.

Bethany had three events on Saturday. One morning birthday party at the Botanic Gardens, where she received the best face painting ever, an afternoon with Archie and Mackenzie who took her to another birthday party at the Botanic Gardens, and then an evening of bush dancing at Downside! She got home at ten to twelve (Andrew and I were rather beside ourselves as we hadn't expected her to be so late, and , typically for a third child, hadn't asked for a phone number)!

Andrew and Joss are off to Melbourne for track cycling this weekend. Matthew Keenan is going to be there, commentating, which I find extremely exciting (Tour de France fangirling!) Toby has a bye for tennis, I don't have to drop Joss at work, it sounds like a proper sleeping in occasion for me, Tobes and Bethany.