Friday, January 15, 2016

Happy day

Happy Australia Day! I like this 'one day at work, one day at home' business. Wagga is celebrating with breakfast at the beach before welcoming our newest Aussies. I'd love to join in but the crowds just aren't for me. There is also the fact that the breakfast kicked off 45 minutes ago, and I am not expecting my children to be up any time soon. What a rude shock they are in for tomorrow ; first day back at school!

I may not be down at Wagga Beach, but I can cast my mind back a week or so to when we were at the coast. I do love our river bank beach, but Bermagui was pretty spectacular.

We're heading up to Steve and Jane's for a BBQ (lamb, of course) with lots of church friends. Good times; I'll think about the new school year later.

Thursday, January 14, 2016


Ah, the serenity. Also, the chaos, games, sand, humidity, sea breezes, fish and chips and bacon. Our fifth annual holiday at Bermagui.

I have been for my annual swim and enjoyed it very much, though not enough to lift my quota. Bethany and Andrew went fishing and caught two little fish. Toby has gone for lots of walks involving parkour, and Joss has been for a really long ride and accidentally dyed her white swimmers with her hair.

Today is Toby's birthday, he is fourteen. Fourteen! It is our first grey day, we have had brilliant weather ( I was even cold at Magic Mountain yesterday while it was 42 degrees in Wagga!).

Such fun.