Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We're home again, after ten glorious days away, celebrating Christmas. We had a couple of days in Sydney with Andrew's parents, and had a lovely lunch with Mal, Marlee, Alannah and Jordy. It's so great that Joss and Tobes each have a cousin close in age and temperament. It was awfully hot and humid, until a cool change arrived and it never became hot again!

Up to Broke on Tuesday, we set about preparing for the hoardes. First we came, then the Melbourne five and finally, on Christmas Day, the Central Coast six. Eighteen slept in the house on Christmas night, then Joss went to camp, and we started saying goodbye until it was just Mum, Dad and us again. We even had a visit from our Gloucester family on their way home from Sydney, which was so delightful.

The kids were all desperate to swim, though it was often raining and never hot, so a sunny morning was spent in the pool, while the rest of us watched under the vines.

We had family photos taken, and revelled in the luxury of being all together. There was so much food, lots of games, big kids giving the little ones piggy backs, coffee on the verandah, everyone loving Sunny (the dog) until he had had enough, and just a bit of noise. Let's do it again, but not straight away......

Friday, December 18, 2015


Today is our last day of work for the year! More importantly, it is Andrew's birthday. Happy Birthday Andrew!

After last year's blue adventure, with its rather harrowing recovery dramas, Joss decided to start early and make a choice that is more likely to be acceptable at school. As she is fair skinned and freckly like I am, it looks pretty fabulous.

The kids have been spending their holidays having sleep overs (new rule - take your PJs just in case your play day gets upgraded because I am sick of making a second trip), doing make up (Emilia goes to a school with a year 10 formal) and reading.

The shopping has been done and the presents are wrapped, tomorrow we head off and begin to celebrate!

Friday, December 4, 2015

All over

It gets light so early. I took these photos just after 5.30am, walking Milo. I like the golden highlights in the long grass, but I prefer to run in the dark, so am looking forward to the sun rising later.

We picked Nan and Grandad up from the station last Tuesday, and had a great week with them. Work experience for Joss, one school presentation night, a piano concert and two Christmas parties. It was all happening.

Joss went to the media department at council, so we kind of had the same employer for a week. One morning we stopped for coffee (salted caramel hot chocolate in her case) on the way. Playing ladies.

We had noisy, messy fun at my Christmas party with my stamping friends. The massive pavlova all went.

Toby played beautifully at his concert, though I missed it in order to stick with recent tradition and take Bethany and Charis to the Estella Christmas party. Slushies were consumed, hair was sprayed, castles were jumped on and a suds machine was adored. Jane and I set up camp sipping cool drinks in the shade. Not a bad afternoon.

After Sue and Ron went home on Monday, we went to Bethany's presentation night. All three children received an award at their respective celebrations, which is lovely, and Joss and Tobes have enjoyed activities week (Joss went surfing at Murramurrang, Toby went on day trips to a water park, zoo, bowling and laser tag. Such a hard life.

Now, they have all finished. Yes, today was the last day for each if them. Tomorrow I hope to get up, ready and leave before they surface. The race to be ready for Christmas begins!