Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas 2015

We're home again, after ten glorious days away, celebrating Christmas. We had a couple of days in Sydney with Andrew's parents, and had a lovely lunch with Mal, Marlee, Alannah and Jordy. It's so great that Joss and Tobes each have a cousin close in age and temperament. It was awfully hot and humid, until a cool change arrived and it never became hot again!

Up to Broke on Tuesday, we set about preparing for the hoardes. First we came, then the Melbourne five and finally, on Christmas Day, the Central Coast six. Eighteen slept in the house on Christmas night, then Joss went to camp, and we started saying goodbye until it was just Mum, Dad and us again. We even had a visit from our Gloucester family on their way home from Sydney, which was so delightful.

The kids were all desperate to swim, though it was often raining and never hot, so a sunny morning was spent in the pool, while the rest of us watched under the vines.

We had family photos taken, and revelled in the luxury of being all together. There was so much food, lots of games, big kids giving the little ones piggy backs, coffee on the verandah, everyone loving Sunny (the dog) until he had had enough, and just a bit of noise. Let's do it again, but not straight away......


  1. Yes, as you say, lets - just give me a while to recover... I loved every moment spent with all of you, so much fun!

  2. Best ever! As they so often say, but in this case it really was. Thanks for your help and helping us cope with the "hoardes". So quiet now.