Friday, December 18, 2015


Today is our last day of work for the year! More importantly, it is Andrew's birthday. Happy Birthday Andrew!

After last year's blue adventure, with its rather harrowing recovery dramas, Joss decided to start early and make a choice that is more likely to be acceptable at school. As she is fair skinned and freckly like I am, it looks pretty fabulous.

The kids have been spending their holidays having sleep overs (new rule - take your PJs just in case your play day gets upgraded because I am sick of making a second trip), doing make up (Emilia goes to a school with a year 10 formal) and reading.

The shopping has been done and the presents are wrapped, tomorrow we head off and begin to celebrate!


  1. Safe travels! Can't wait to see you all....

  2. Great to have you all here! SO QUIET! Sunny quite confused!