Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The beginning of the end

On Wednesday night Bethany had her end of year drama event, an evening of theatre sports. I'll confess that my expectations were low, probably because improvisation on the part of children is always a little painful, and also because last year I hadn't realised it would go so long and hadn't had dinner. I wasn't hangry this year, so it was pretty good; Bethany did really well and when the teacher asked for parent volunteers, at Bethany's insistence, I allowed myself to be chosen. It wasn't a nightmare, but I will expect brownie points.

When it was all over Bethany informed me that she had been dizzy and feeling sick all evening. She ended up staying home for two days, poor poppet, but finally had a good night's sleep last night and is, hopefully, on the up.

Tonight is my work Christmas party, we have a Christmas dinner with friends on Monday and Andrew's parents arrive on Tuesday to stay for a week. There will be two school presentation nights and a piano concert for them to attend, and after we say goodbye, there will only be one day until the end of term! Yikes....

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