Friday, October 24, 2014

Summer time

It's unseasonably hot! I took Friday off to go to the Children's Medical Research Institute Christmas Fair. It went pretty well, I sold a lot of stuff, but it was uncomfortably hot. Last year I wore a coat! This year I had to ask for a shot of coffee with cold milk.

Bethany went to Charis' for a sleep over in case I was at the market and couldn't get her to the Botanical Garden on Saturday morning to sing with the choir. In the end, after having both stayed all day Friday, Megan and I did half of Saturday each and I could go and hear Bethany sing.

They squeezed into the shade of a tree and sang beautifully. I then had to drop her at another friend's for a swim. Such a hectic social life.

This afternoon and evening she has gone with Andrew to his gig at a local winery, and I had champagne and coffee in the lush garden of some work colleagues. A fun weekend, and now Joss and Tobes need to start studying in earnest for their exams. The end of the school year is in sight! 


  1. So glad you sold stuff, because it all looks amazing! I wish I could have heard Bethany sing both in the park and at the winery...

  2. Pretty busy all round! So many cards - glad it went well, Mum's taxi and your social whirl!!