Saturday, March 14, 2015


Joss and Toby took up tennis last October; they started lessons and formed a team with two brothers the same age, also new to the sport.

They spent a lot of the season at the bottom of the table, but as they improved they crept up. Cycling events and then her job took Joss out, and she was the least enthusiastic player of the four, but she still got a medal when the boys came runners up in the grand final yesterday, losing by only three games!

I suprised myself with this skill.

It was a very warm day yesterday, but I know summer has turned its back because it is dark and cold in the mornings. One of my pear trees is getting autumnal, with a single red leaf.

Joss and Toby both went to friends' houses for the afternoon and the night, so Andrew, Bethany and I picked up some pizza and went to the Botanical Gardens. Such a lovely Saturday.


  1. Sounds like a perfect Saturday. Well done to the tennis team! Well done to you to French Plait Bethany's hair!

  2. Nice end to Summer and a pleasant welcome to the delights of Autumn.