Friday, February 27, 2015

Hairy Maclary and the trip to the library

This time last week I was on a little plane to Sydney. Chrissie and I were wondering if we were ever going to get out of the clouds as bad weather kept us bumping around for ages, waiting to land. We went to a seminar at the State Library, on digital engagement and user experience.

There were some excellent speakers and once the seminar had finished we popped upstairs and over the walkway to see the exhibitions. You aren't allowed to photograph them, but the banners out the front have a couple of the Pulp Confidential images. As fascinating as that was, it couldn't compete with the Hairy Maclary exhibition. Chrissie and I recited bits of the books as we walked around. The Hairy Maclary books were such a favourite in our house.

I haven't done much tea in front of the telly in recent months, but thanks to Broadchurch (yay!) I have a regular date again with my pretty tea things.


  1. I love Hairy Maclary! Your little teapot is so pretty.

  2. Oh how I miss our Friday night pretty cups of tea! The Hairy Maclary series is top of the booklist here, too. I think we know Slinky Malinky word-for-word. Jane Eyre, where are you??!!

  3. Nice blog, nothing quite like a nice cuppa cha!

  4. I remember 'reading' Hairy Maclary to Toby at your place when he was little...he ended up reciting it to me:)