Friday, February 13, 2015

Pizza night

The trick to managing a really busy schedule, is to make sure there are plenty of fun things in there. Last week Jane and I had a work day lunch at the Pot 'n' Kettle. I had just given a talk in a really hot hall, so it was lovely to sit down with coffee and fritters for a good chat.

A few weeks ago, Steve and Jane invited us over for a last minute pizza night. They had bought some terracotta tiles for their BBQ, and were testing them out as pizza stones. They worked a treat and I was inspired to make sourdough pizza bases as I had only ever made pizza with Lebanese bread or bought bases. So easy, so good, I'm never going back! 

After a family trial run, we had all the Listers over last night and had a  pizza, bread, cheese and red wine night. Awesome stuff.

This morning I am listening to the whirr of the washing machine as Bethany flaps about in excitement for her friend to come over, Toby is at tennis, and Joss, newly without braces, is at the first day of her first job. She is working two hours every Saturday morning at ABC Radio, a perfect job for a heavily  sports committed, doing journalism at school, student!

I'll leave to pick her up soon and am thinking that a hot chocolate at the Old Empire Tea Rooms, practically next door, might be just the right celebration. I could get a coffee in my new keep cup......


  1. Nice blog, thanks - food delicious, must do the base trick here too! Hope Jossie went well, what an exciting opportunity for her, She could talk to Lucy Bevan if she wanted more ABC info. Love Dad.

  2. How wonderful all that sounds (and looks!) - must have a sourdough pizza sometime... well done to Joss, wow, first job! Seems as though she did her first few hours with ease. xxxxx

  3. Wow, that pizza really looks great! It has enough cheese to make sure that makes it look mouthwatering, and it seems to have a perfect crust for that crunchy feel. Anyway, that’s a very cute cup. It’s great to know that you can actually have your own cup filled at the Old Empire Tea Rooms, instead of having the drink on one of theirs. Thanks for sharing this with us, Amy. Have a great day!

    Rosemarie Harrington @ The Willard