Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We have a staff meeting every month, and we take turns chairing the meeting and organising lunch beforehand. Sometimes we get takeaway, sometimes we go to pubs or cafes. This month, we went to the bowling alley and some of us had a game with our meals. We all remembered to bring socks, most wore pants. I didn't think beyond my feet and wore a short dress. Thankfully for all, I had tights on.

99 is not the highest score ever, but it was enough to beat the other four players (two were on another lane)!


  1. Well done you! But the food there? I haven't bought any there before, it looks so expensive, even the drinks are $$$'s....

    1. I didn't partake of the food myself, but everyone else was pleased with theirs. Every meal was served with chips and a drink, and the most expensive was $10. It's all burgers, nachos, wraps and chicken salad....

    2. They must have lowered their prices... maybe because everyone left to eat elsewhere when I took the kids!

  2. Bowled them over eh? Must do it again next time we're down.