Saturday, March 28, 2015

Soccer time

Tennis and track season are over so now we move into road season and soccer! Bethany and Toby both have new boots and played their first game on Saturday at 10.30. 

Bethany is in different colours this year as she swapped clubs. She has played against a team of school friends lots of times and always wished to be in their team. This year we made it happen and she was on the winning team on Saturday! Her last team was lots of fun, and she didn't mind that they never won, but it was great to play with her school friends and taste actual victory. My favourite part of the deal is that training is held at her school. All I need to do is pick her up, score!

The wedding was great, the cake was delivered safely and the reception was encouraging, funny and a bit teary. Below is the view from our table.

A great weekend, but I am expected even better from next weekend, in Katoomba.

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