Thursday, March 26, 2015

Wedding cake

I have made cakes for weddings a couple of times, always fruit cake, and only once have I made the cakes and decorated them. For Greg and Evie's (real name Evangeline, how I love it!) wedding, I made and decorated mud cake.

I took a day off to do it, but made the biggest cake the night before. It took nearly four hours to cook! I trimmed the top and Joss and Tobes enjoyed before school dessert.

When you make fruit cakes, there can be weeks between the making and the decorating. I had to wait for the top layers to cool when the bottom layer was finished.

It was a relief to get it delivered. I wish I had put it on a scale, it was so heavy!


  1. Well done! I have made them before (including yours) but never decorated! Did you have a slice? I guess not... sugar!

  2. Bet it tasted as good as it looked! There's a whole mew world waiting for you beyond the library!

  3. My eldest daughter is Evangeline <3