Saturday, June 23, 2012


This was the design request I received. I thought it might be really hard to neatly ice one half in pink and the other in purple and that it would take away from the rainbow. Perhaps, a wee bit, I just didn't want to fuss around trying to make it neat! So I compromised with a pinky purple all over.

If anyone wants my method for sprinkling a rainbow, just ask. I tried a lot of things last time I had to do the rainbow but I have it all sorted now. Our new street in Estella is Rainbow Drive.

I need a better method for sprinkling silver cachous though. Those babies went everywhere.

Lucky there were dogs in the house to eat them off the floor. OK, I confess, Toby and Bethany ate them off the floor. Desperate for sugar, those two.


  1. Looks fabulous but I think I'd prefer to eat one of your chocolate creations!
    xxx Sarah