Sunday, June 24, 2012

Rainbow Drive

We dropped the rainbow cake up to Estella yesterday and stopped off at our block of land on Rainbow Drive. There is nothing there yet, our plans are almost finished but not yet at council. Only one house on the street has been started. Estella still feels like home.

Andrew and Bethany stood where Bethany's bedroom will be.

At the moment, there are cows across the road!

There is a lovely view down the hill to town, but that will go when the hill fills with houses.


  1. Exciting times Amy, There will be many more visits to the 'block' let me assure you ;) They layed our slab 10days ago and they already have both stories of the frame up, finishing it off this week. This part all happens so quickly. It feels like we go for a drive by most days, but we are only 2 mins drive away. Are you going with standard plans or completely your own design?

  2. Alice, I have written you a letter but am carrying the silly thing around in my handbag :( We're coming to Melbourne soon, hope you'll be around and we can fill you in!

  3. I hope we will be too! Text me the dates and we can see if we'll be home, or I can just wait for the letter :)