Thursday, June 21, 2012

My friend Maame has almost finished her thesis so she will be going home to Ghana soon. That's very good news for her as she has been away for so long and got married one holidays, leaving her husband at home to finish her studies. She went home at Christmas time and came back pregnant so she needs to go home to have her baby! It's sad news for me, though, because I will miss her and I won't see the baby.

I'm trying to see her a lot before she goes, so this evening I took her to a stamping class at Liz' house. We had such fun.

Maame, who hasn't done much stamping, was very impressed with herself for making a couple of fabulous cards. I only remembered to photograph one of them.

Maame bought me a beautiful outfit from Ghana and I would put it on and show you only this is really, really not the right weather for it. Give me a few months.

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