Tuesday, June 5, 2012


Because I can't do a post without a picture....

I believe I was trying to capture the menacingly dark sky. It didn't come across that way at all and now I notice that, instead, I caught Bethany walking to the bus stop in such a way as to give a hint of her personality.

I have been very much enjoying my friend Jane's new blog. I made the cheese and bacon muffins today and they were a big hit. I even get a mention in the post about Nigella's chocolate pavlova. I think the blog is such a good idea and I keep thinking of food that I make and then rejecting it for inclusion on Jane's blog because it isn't cheap! I think I have expensive taste in food.

I am also reading Love2Read. Actually, I also contribute to it because I am in the NSW Readers Advisory Working Group. We are blogging every day in June so I am writing five posts over this month. I don't do a lot of tweeting for myself (my work facebook goes straight to Twitter so I tweet a bit for the library) but this blog is great for getting ideas about what to read next and the working group is made up of some seriously awesome librarians so it is a very good read!

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  1. LOVE the picture of Bethany! Yes, it shows her personality!