Friday, June 15, 2012

Photo day

I put photo day in my diary with exclamation marks. I didn't want to forget to send the kids in their sports uniform a day early (I'm not sure why they didn't just put photo day on a non-sport day) or to forget to wash their uniforms so they'd look smart, at least when they left home. I also wanted to make sure that I'd put some effort into dealing with Toby's Harry Potter hair and that Bethany's would also be done neatly. All this we achieved and we were out the door in time to walk to the bus stop. When we got to the end of the street I remembered that the main reason I put photo day in my diary was to remember to send the photo forms in with the kids!

Milo and I raced back home, found the forms, found a credit card, filled in details, ripped off parts and stuffed them into the other part that turns into an envelope and raced back out to the kids. We had to run the whole way! We made it with enough time to do a practice run.

Andrew had worked on their smiles before we left. Toby's code word was 'Regina', I think it came from an episode of Who's Line, and Bethany's was 'pumpernickel'. They seemed to work at the bus stop, even when the kids where puffed from the sprint. Let's hope the professional shots turn out well.

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