Sunday, June 10, 2012


We are having a perfectly sunny weekend. When I woke up the sun was streaming into the kitchen, through my favourite blue glass bottle, making pretty patterns with my tea things. I start the day with a pot of Earl Grey. One and a half mugs of the delightful Earl every morning. I do not like his wife.

There were six of us heading off to church. We went two by two. Toby and Andrew rode together, Jossie and Hannah walked together and I walked with Bethany who was on her bike. She wasn't on her bike up the hill to go over the train tracks.

She did ride all the way up this hill, though.

We dropped one Hannah home but brought another one back from church. Bethany and Hannah had a great afternoon of play, movie and Just Dance 3 (until I joined in and thrashed them both - I can't help it, I'm just very good at it ;). Toby and Andrew went for a long ride and I did a little marking, washing and cooking - what a thrilling life I lead!

How wonderful not to have to go to work tomorrow. Admittedly, I'll still be marking, but at least I won't get up at six. Public holiday Mondays suit me particularly well because Monday is my ten hour work day and they pay me not to do it! Thanks!


  1. Amy, bikes rule here in Barcelona. Special "bikeways" everywhere. We were strolling this morning when riders behind us rang their ringers to tell us to move off their area!!! Most indignant!!

  2. Ah - but that's exactly how it should be! Toby and I rode a quick 13kms this afternoon, and I think he would have rung is ringer towards the end if anyone was in his way too...