Monday, June 18, 2012

Birthday June

There have been an awful lot of birthdays at the library this month. Still, you can't help but muster enthusiasm for Jeannie's birthday tomorrow. She is only turning 25, or some number similarly tiny, so it is only right that she should try out one of the tunnels that arrived in the mail today.

Forty year old women should not do things that are this inelegant.

I look like I am having fun, but actually, it smelled hideous and made my knees hurt....sigh.

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  1. Haha! Amy I've just seen your blog! Very funny! I had to laugh at my inelegant picture though! I laughed even harder at your tunnel escape! Lovely cake for Katherine too. I like your blog. I've got a lovely pix of you in your 'kaba and slit' that's what the outfit is called. I'll email to you. Thanks for sharing a piece of yourself here:)