Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ah, Saturday, not what I expected. I thought we were going to have a really quiet day. After a few weekends with markets (fun, but so much work) or marking, I saw this weekend as clean and free.

We drove Toby and Andrew out to Forest Hill for Toby's soccer match and I watched Bethany's back in town. Bethany and I met Toby and Andrew at the Civic Theatre where Andrew had more rehearsals and the kids and I went to Jossie's netball. We watched it in the rain. Hot chips were required. I was standing with one foot hooked around the other, as I often do, and when Bethany leaned heavily against me, cold in her soccer gear, I fell right over and got very wet. We neither of us reacted very well to this event.

On the way back from netball, now after midday, I told the kids we could just stay in all the long, wet afternoon. Then I remembered the Kids' Church training afternoon and Jossie was invited out for her second sleepover in as many nights. So, I took two unwilling kids up to church while Jossie stayed home and unpacked her bag of Friday night's clothes and repacked it for Saturday night.

I came home from training and took Jossie and her friend Kate who lives out of town at Ladysmith (30k out on the way to Sydney) and drove them half an hour out of town to another farm! They worked out that, of their group of friends, Joss is the only one who doesn't live on a farm. I foresee a lot of driving in my future.

Adelaide lives in a farm house worthy of Australian Country Style. The four girls were sleeping in the loft - a huge room above their garage with five beds, all made up with reds and pinks, with climbing roses on the walls outside and windows looking out to the country garden.

Andrew came home for a little while, time enough to recharge and change for the three hour show. Toby watched the X-Men movie he was up to and Bethany drew with water colour pencils. I was going to make cards but decided to clean instead. Not the quiet day I expected but filled with little moments of joy. Jossie's team won their third game in a row (they weren't what you'd call a winning team last year), Bethany loved a new hairstyle and Toby enjoyed playing with the kids at the training I went to. I went to bed satisfied with a clean house and slept deeply.

I seem to have become one of those frightfully boring and self important people who think that everyone wants to know every detail about their lives. Sorry about that....

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  1. Did Bethany eat her tooth for breakfast???!??