Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The Big Chill

It was less than zero degrees when the kids and I walked to the bus stop this morning. I had to finish setting up for a fabulous seminar with Ellen from the State Library, which started at nine, so I kept walking so as to be nice and early.

There is a lot of tree cover in Central so the frost is very patchy as I walk down the street. When I get to the open spaces of the Victory Memorial Gardens, it almost looked like snow!

The sun, though pale and weak, melts the frost very quickly and the mist rises off the lagoon. Such pretty sights distract me from the fact that my fingers were frozen, despite the leather gloves!


  1. Where are the grammer police?

  2. Are you referring to the fact that I kept changing tenses? Is that grammar? It certainly isn't grammer ;)

  3. I stand corrected. Sadly, I even thought twice about it and chose the wrong one - I blame 2hourly overnight feeds. I don't mind changes of tense. It's whatever resulted in "mists rises." Jars. I still love reading about your life my friend. Gives me hope of emerging from this mire. Love J

  4. Ha ha, that's just a typo! Those are perfectly acceptable, especially from people who blog every day and can't, therefore, spend too long on it! Hang in there J, your mist will rise too. Enjoy the baby time, it is so special.