Saturday, August 18, 2012

What goes around

After yesterday's dramatic weather, I was surprised that that soccer was on this morning. It rained most of yesterday and even hailed in the afternoon while we were in the car, prompting some histrionics from Bethany, though the hail wasn't very big. Unfortunately, the Duke of Kent oval has very good drainage so soccer went ahead and we all got to enjoy what lots of people were referring to as bitter cold. I wasn't one of those people because I know that it won't be long before I'm going to be hot. Don't leave me Winter!

After netball Joss went to stay the night at Hannah's as Hannah has just bought the Hunger Games DVD. Toby went to Liam's so Bethany, Andrew and I drove around looking at roof colours until we had chosen the colour of our own. We stopped off at our block to imagine the new roof and all that will be under it.

It is a shame that ours will not be the only house built here.

We'd have such a lovely view if we were alone!

The weekend, of course, means washing and I noted, as I sorted a huge pile, that Joss' uniform was not present for the second week in a row. I went in search of it and emerged two hours later with my arms so full of clothes (around a gazillion socks amongst other things) that I had to hold it all together with my chin. Wow. Her room was perfectly organised when Nan and Grandad were here in the holidays so she has been putting in some serious untidying. As well as clothes galore, I found her geometry set and calculator under her bed. I wonder how long she has been missing those. Her drawers were in compete disarray so I pulled everything out and started again. As I was in her cupboards, I had a look in her school bag and found (you're going to love this Dad) three carrots and an apple. 

When I was around Joss' age Dad came in to my room and declared that it smelt like rotten fruit. I'm sure I affected a puzzled look, until Dad found twelve apples in my school bag, in varying states of decay. At least it is winter and Joss' fruit and veg had not yet putrified. I'd be terribly cross with her if I could forget that I was exactly the same at her age. I also found this photo on my camera this evening. It is hard to be cross with this face.

I may also be saving up for whatever horrors challenges a teenaged Bethany has in store for us.


  1. Oh I love it! What goes around, comes around as they say! I've had a good chuckle this morning.... at least it wasn't rotten banana's! The "tidy room" is such a battle... do you remember I blew up our vaccum cleaner sucking up socks hidden under your bed?

  2. I wonder when the penny drops? Thanks for the memory Amy! Good luck.

  3. tsk-tsk, Amy. Such horrors from your childhood. It was a good thing that I was the perfect child. I realised that after you and then Timothy, the parents needed a break.

  4. Your perfection took a little perfecting ... Parents never get a break!

    You were all the same, as are your children, welcome to the real world.

    I love youse all!

  5. With me it was squashed and decaying sandwiches...