Tuesday, August 7, 2012

A couple of long days

I don't procrastinate very much these days. I have, on the whole, learnt that it is much better to just get on with things. Somehow, between realising that my e-reader class needed to be completely rewritten, and my having to give the class, I found myself with rather less time than I had hoped. Mondays are my long work day, I am there for ten hours, and I really thought I would get a lot done. Our staff meeting and organising job interviews ended up taking until lunch. In order to make sure I got the whole talk written,  I went to work at 8 this morning and worked non-stop (I ate at my computer, I wouldn't not eat!) until the class was delivered to the 40 people who came and we had packed up again, by 5.30.

I should have an early night, but probably won't. I want to finish The Girl at the Lion d'Or.

On my way home I caught a waft of my favourite flower. I usually have to bend down and sniff them so I was surprised to catch it in the air.

Lots and lots of jonquils! It's a shame they don't last longer.


  1. After such a busy day, I'm surprised you didn't snack on one. Remember that?

  2. You're a glutton for hard work! At least you can stop to smell the jonquils. Enjoy.

  3. Ah! the lovely smell of jonquils... Spring is on the way.