Sunday, August 5, 2012

Bleak House

Yes, Toby definitely has Bethany's virus. He woke with a fever and so he and Andrew stayed home from church. Over the day I managed to get a lot of cooking and the rest of the job applications done. It's always good to start the week feeling like you have accomplished something but it is important to do fun things with the kids so Bethany, Joss and I decided on makeovers.

Obviously, I wasn't planning on going anywhere. Check out the vibrant blues in Bethany's hand! I think, when you are eight years old and have an........ exuberant personality, more is more.

Sadly, my hair offers little potential for change. Joss watched, highly amused, and took selfies while I was being done.

Ta da! The lighting does not allow you to see the full pink and purple effect on the eyes, or the Japanese raked garden effect in the hair. Shame.

Jossie and I took one eye each on Bethany and she wasn't interested in anything subtle. I ended up making her eyebrow blue.

Sitting on the edge of the bath was a little precarious. Joss soon tired of Bethany "accidentally" falling in.

I had rather hoped that Joss, who actually has some skill in the area, might do a makeover on me next but she had lost interest so Bethany had another go. I suggested browns might be a nice change. She branched out and put long curlicues coming off the outer edges of my eyelids. My eyes look like they have a handlebar moustache.

I have also managed, over the last week, to watch all of Bleak House. Love, love, love, love, love.

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