Friday, August 24, 2012

I just got back from watching Perfume at the library with my book club friends.  I think book club is teaching me that I am pretty easy to please and like a lot of things! I loved the book and enjoyed the movie. It's a lot of fun watching it on the big screen in the dark, with no-one else there but I think the heating went off and I got a bit chilly. Spring may well be approaching but it can still be very cold here. We had delicious pizza from Crust - Mediterranean lamb and Wagyu beef - Crust pizza is sooo good.

Last night we dropped Joss off at the library to work on assignments with a friend and Andrew and I took Toby and Bethany to La Porchetta. After dinner Toby and I decided to walk home but when we were half way down the street, the heavens opened. It was beyond my little umbrella so Andrew came and picked us up. He had been in a type of reject shop with Bethany and she had bought this.

I think red is a great colour for a budding artist. Here is an update on her art class weaving. She chose the pose.

I'm going to be marking for a couple of weeks now. Usually, though it shouldn't, that means more blogging!


  1. Good news re the blogging - love it! VERY red hair is hard to pull off, good on Bethany for doing it so well... her weaving looks great too.

  2. PS - I didn't much like the book Perfume.... I wonder if the movie was any better?