Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cake auction

Joss' school had a cake auction today to raise money for the Cancer Council (I think - details regarding the cake aspect abound but not the charity). Everyone was supposed to bring a cake and money. Each year had an auction with their own cakes. Joss' friends pooled their money and bought two cakes to share. This is the cake that Joss and I made for her to contribute. It was a mud cake so didn't really need buttercream icing and smarties, but they fetch more money for being decorated. They raised $6,624.55! Apparently, one boy in year 11 brought in $1000!


  1. Hope you thought about the copyright for the rings. Looks great.

  2. I miss the TRAC cake auction, Andre always brought something great home for dessert thoae days. SO much better for a schol than a biggest morning tea. I like yours Joss...what did it go for? Very glad to hear that TRAC is working out well for you:) Alice

  3. Great job Joss! I would def buy that cake!