Sunday, August 12, 2012

The amazing Spiderman

Ah, how I love to sleep until I wake naturally. I don't need to sleep in until 10, I'll wake on my own before 8 if I go to bed around midnight, but after a week of getting up at 6, I really appreciate a bit of a sleep in. I also like a coffee to take to church with me. I have always, in the past, used this particular travel mug for tea (it is from T2 after all) and had a little moment where I thought my coffee would overflow. It stopped just in time.

The walk (ride for some) to church was delightful. We have been seeing signs of Spring for ages. I have been stooping low to try and catch the jonquils' scent in the icy mornings but it was floating in the air today. After church we went to the velodrome and I rode around quite a few times and didn't need to hide in the car with my book.

Bethany found a patch of sand in the middle and pretended to do long jump. Milo kept getting in the way. Andrew and Toby rode to the velodrome, around and around the track, and then back home again. So fit.

After the velodrome Toby and I went to the cinema to watch The Amazing Spiderman. I asked whether he wouldn't rather see The Sapphires but no, he had his heart set on Spiderman. He loved it. It was very scary in parts so we had to cuddle up, for me as much as for him. I found it a trifle slow and predictable but I resisted the lure of a book on my phone and enjoyed hanging out with Tobes.

I don't know about you, but I could do with another day in this weekend. Deep breath for another week!

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  1. I do enjoy reading about your family - could do with some more natural sleepins around here:) Josh read your blog title over my shoulder as "Inelegant superunderpants." Maybe you should consider changing it. Have a great day. Love J