Monday, August 27, 2012

Brace yourselves....

Joss is getting braces! This morning she had two teeth pulled out to make room for the poor tooth that has no room in the line. It was fairly brutal, with four needles and a lot of tugging and pulling. She is pretty sore but she was very brave. Look at the roots on these teeth! No wonder they were hard to pull out.

Photos of recently pulled teeth are in questionable taste so I made them black and white, at least, so they aren't gory.

Joss wouldn't let me take any photos of her today, so here is one from last holidays. See the gap in her smile? There is a tooth there, it's just a centimetre or so behind the others!


  1. Poor Joss! (and poor bank balance!!!)

  2. Goodness me! Those teeth are huge! Hope she's feeling okay this evening.