Thursday, August 2, 2012

Love in the library

All library staff work one evening shift, that is 5-7pm. I do mine on Mondays with Shell and Kate. It's a different shift to the daytime ones. For a start, the rest of the building is empty and we become an oasis of light within a dark building and with our outer walls being floor to ceiling glass, they turn black too. We all wish we were at the library on Tuesday evening because Jeannie was proposed to!

At around five to seven, Tiny Dancer came on through the council speakers. Jeannie started dancing, thinking only that it was great to have music at the end of the day. She gave no thought to the fact that there was nobody at council customer service at that hour or that they never pipe music through those speakers. The manager rang her on the reference desk phone to get her in sight of the stairs. Matt, dressed in a suit and holding a little box, came up those stairs, got down on one knee and asked "What do you reckon?"

They checked the CCTV footage of the event today. Unfortunately Matt did not consider camera placement in all his planning so he disappears from view when down on one knee but that will do for those of us that missed it!

I went to the airport to say good-bye to Maame today. Sniff. Bethany is also sniffing, not only over Maame but she is ill with a high temperature. She did have to stay home today and won't be at school tomorrow either. At least she got her art class in!

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