Saturday, August 11, 2012

Good friends

If I didn't like the women in my Bible study, I would not have gotten up early on a Saturday morning to have breakfast with them at the Farmers' Market. We were originally going to meet there for brunch at 10.30, but I had to be at the museum at 11 and a few others had things to do in the morning as well so they settled on 8am. Thankfully, the line for the coffee is very short at that hour and we also got a bacon and egg roll very quickly.

Andrew did soccer and netball duty alone (no joy there for any of the kids this week) and I went up to the museum for the launch of Sonya's Now and Then exhibition. Not being a museum person, I don't really understand how you have a launch a good many weeks after it actually opened, but I imagine there is a reason for it.

Sonya used a few of the library's photos for her project and this is the one that made it into the exhibition. She worked with Year 10 students to line up an old photo with the subject as it is now. At the launch, the student spoke about why she chose this photo and how hard it was to line it up properly. I spoke about the history of the bridge and the original photo.

This is Tina from the museum with Sonya. You can't tell from any of my photos, but there were lots of people there!

Joss went to a very long birthday party this afternoon and came home with purple hair, covered in glitter. She had a wonderful time. They need to be good friends to pull off a six hour birthday party!

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  1. I'll have to send you some pics of you speaking! thanks so much for coming to the show (again!). so lovely to have you along and learn that there were 16 floods in one year!!!