Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Book Week

Book Week is not all fun and games for librarians. Firstly, some librarians are parents who have to juggle work, providing a costume and attending the book parade. Secondly, we get a rush of parents, often just before closing time, looking for books with something specific on the cover. As a parent, I know how much easier it is to just go with whatever costume you have, but it can be very hard to find a book to match.

Fairy books abound as do comics, though I find that the superheroes never bother bringing a book to carry. There are lots of soccer and AFL books too so you see plenty of kids in their sport gear. We have one junior fiction book called Tennis Star, that was snapped up today, and we have handed out all books with cowboys on the front.

On Tuesday evening a man came in with his daughter looking for a junior book with a doctor on the front, as the little girl has a doctor's costume. Even books about going to the hospital don't seem to have doctors on the front and all Jeannie could come up with was medical romances! You know, the Mills and Boon classic range with titles such as How to Mend a Broken Heart, The Nurse He Shouldn't Notice and Dr D'Angelo's Baby Bombshell. The Dad thought that was very funny but the little girl was not impressed. She made do with a junior non-fiction book about being a doctor.

Bethany, after being upset that her hair is longer than Emily Eyefinger's, was pretty pleased with her outfit. I'm glad I sent in spare eyes as she did break two.

They walk past so quickly, this was the best shot I got when she was near me.

At Toby and Bethany's school, only junior school dresses up. Toby is in middle school so he didn't have to (relief!), but Year 12 had just finished their trial HSC exams and decided to join in.

I particularly liked Wolverine!

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