Saturday, August 4, 2012

Getting there

Bethany is finally better after three days of high temperatures. This evening, Toby is hot, sigh. We have been busy with sick children, sporting children, new house research and arrangements, farewell dinners for work and long Saturday night gigs. I haven't taken any photos.

This afternoon Joss received a phone call from a friend asking if she would like to go to the movies this evening. First, the friend suggested a movie another friend had said was very good, Magic Mike. There has been a fair bit of discussion recently about sexual objectification and Magic Mike (along with Fifty Shades) has featured, being a film about male strippers. Joss and her friend are THIRTEEN! I was very pleased that Joss told her friend, without needing to ask us first, that she would not be able to see an MA15+ film. They saw Step Up 4, rated PG.

I have job applications to read and rate but I think I'll take my laptop to bed and watch some more Bleak House - how I am loving it!

Welcome home Mum and Dad. I'll miss your travel blog!

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  1. Both sad and glad to be home. Two more blogs in the system before we shut down!