Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Toby was confused for a second when I woke him at 5am, then he realised he was going on an excursion and was up like a shot. He sat on the heating vent in the kitchen to get dressed and have his breakfast. He looked so tired.

There is an interesting atmosphere at school when we drop kids off for an excursion. It's dark and cold but the kids are all so excited. Parents are quietly anxious and very weary, teachers are steeling themselves for a long few days. Oh, I wouldn't be a teacher!

Toby was so excited he couldn't stay still for a photo.

Just so you know, year five boys at Toby's school think soft toys are cool. Toby proudly took the elephant he bought on the Dubbo excursion last year and Jacob is clutching a Pillow Pet in this photo! At least it isn't pink.

As the sun came up we waved goodbye to the bus and walked over to our cars. A friend asked me if I was looking forward to a few quiet days. I explained that I put the wrong child on the bus if that was what I wanted.

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