Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Birdsong delayed

I have not been watching the Olympics. To be frank, they bore me. I can't muster any enthusiasm for people trying to be the fastest, highest, longest, most accurate. Flicking from one sport to another is annoying too. There was one race that I would have watched, the road race with all the riders from le Tour de France, but they played a few minutes of it then went to something else. So, I didn't even get to see Cavendish not win and blame the Aussies. The whinging is the best bit. If you come second when you wanted to come first, tears are your only option, except maybe a bit of sulking. There's nothing like working with one purpose for 14 years and then having it be all over in 24 seconds. Sport, I just don't get it.

I may not be watching, but the Olympics are certainly playing on my television because Andrew and Toby are right into them. Last Sunday night, when the first show I wanted to watch in months was on (Birdsong), the Olympics were on too and I looked at the time at 8.45. I got a bit cross and then just thought I would catch up on iView. I have finally sat down at my laptop to do just that, and discovered that the ABC does not have the online rights to Birdsong! Now I have to make my library buy it! There are some very cross people on the iView forum, suggesting that the ABC should let us know when a programme is not going to appear on iView. It seems lots of people were caught out as I was. I am not going to complain about iView because, disappointing as this particular situation is, I love iView very much and do not want them to take it away. I heard a fellow from the ABC speak at a library conference once and he told us how expensive it is for them so no complaining!

Bethany did weaving in her art class this afternoon. What a great use for the hula hoop!

I might just watch Bleak House again.

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  1. At least the Olympics are company for our insomnia and adjustment to New World life!